Monday, September 12, 2011

I love Dyeing!

So here is the backstory... See these awesome shorts, well they kinda have a problem. My daughter has her daily vitamin, and for some reason I had put it in my pocket because it was an on-the-go type of day. Well these sweet and one of my favorite pairs of shorts, got put in the wash. Did you know vitamins stain? Even the little kid ones? Well here is the result... Sad huh?

Before picture:

While in college, I took this awesome class on text and textiles. I learned a lot and dyed a ton of fabric {Did you like my title of this post? Haha- there's a joke for the day} The dyes we used in that class were a little out of my own budget, so I simply got a dark chocolate RIT dye from Walmart for around $2. I haven't done any dyeing projects and I was so stoked to be able to work with dyes again!! :)

So I will give ya a run down of the process I did...{PS: If you are interested in getting high quality dyes, refer to this company . These are the ones our professor loved and I learned to adore!}

Supply List:
-RIT dye {I chose dark chocolate because it seemed like it would be in the family and not show the stain}
-Bucket or old sink {Bucket is all I have...}
-Hot, Hot Boiling water {3 gallons}
-Pots to heat water in
-Something to stir with {I used an old spoon that had almost seen its days from when we first got married}
-Plastic/Garbage Bags {Help with the mess part}
-Salt {3 cups}
-Laundry Detergent {1 TBSP}
-A place to rinse your fabric

Here are the supplies....

Step 1:- Find a place where you will be able to do your work. Get all of the supplies. *If you have kids, try and do this while they are taking a nap or are busy doing something, because they will be really curious... :) {I may have had a girl that was curious haha}* Lay down garbage sacks or something you have on hand in case the dye spills so it won't ruin anything you love {tile, clothes, carpet, etc}

Step 2:- Start heating up your 3 gallons of water. {I used every pot I had on hand to get the 3 gallons. It was a humorous site :)}

Step 3: Pour your hot water in the bucket or sink or wherever your workplace may be. **Don't burn yourself. I would feel badly if anyone burned themselves...**

Step 4: Pour in your laundry detergent, salt and dye. The bottle said to use half of it but then I remembered from my class if you want it to be darker, use more dye...So I used the whole bottle! {It started looking like it was going to be a purpley brown, but this can be deceiving. If it looks like it is dark, beware, because it may be lighter after it gets washed. Keep in mind to be a little generous...}

Step 5: Stir the mixture with your spoon/stirring device!

Step 6: Add in your fabric you are wishing to dye. I have learned a lot with dyeing different fabrics. Cotton is normally the best. I have dyed lace, cotton blends, cheese cloth, polyester blends, and flannel. Flannel was really interesting and the lace I used for headbands later. Have fun experimenting!!

Step 7: Stir, Stir, Stir. Stir, Stir, Stir. {PS: A girl in my class had the neatest designs using elastic bands, etc. If you want a tie dye look or textured, use bands, rope, clips, etc. Do this before you put the fabric in the dye. Have fun and go to town!}

Step 8: After half an hour, take the bucket and pour it into a sink or somewhere you can rinse it off. Keep rinsing until there is no dye left and the water is clear. This process took me a lot longer than it did in college- probably because I used a ton of dye... :) \

**Sorry I forgot to get a picture of this step... But it is pretty easy to understand! :) **

Step 9: Throw it in the washing machine. Warm water and add detergent. This can be the only thing in the washing machine otherwise you will have an unpleasant surprise with your clothes different colors :)

Step 10: The best part of all...waiting and seeing what creation you have just made. You can either hang it dry or dry it in the dryer. Beware the first few times washing your fabric because it can still bleed onto other fabrics. Wash it by itself the first three times you use it. ENJOY!

AFTER: Here is the final product. Love the color, but the thread didn't dye or hold in any color. I was a little disappointed about that. But dyeing is a process of testing and seeing what works...But I am excited to wear these again! 
Do you think these two pictures look at all similar? The first one is my dyed shorts the second is my handsome hubby's swimsuit... HAHA! 

What do you think about my shorts?  Do you have any stories about your dyeing adventure? :) 

I would love hear your experiences with dyes!!

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