Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DIY Fall Garland

I am so excited to tell you about this project! Super easy, cute and inexpensive!!

I had been wanting to make some kind of garland to hang up in our house. Unfortunately, we don't have a fireplace, but I think this added the perfect touch to our Halloween/Fall decor!

While I was working on a transformation from skirt to dress DIY project {out with the machine and all} I decided this would be the easiest process to make the garland. 

Supplies needed:

  • All a Dollar bag of leaves {$1}
  • Thread
  • Super Mad Sewing Skills! You could do this by hand... :) {PS:If you do, You're my hero!!}


1) Whip out your sewing machine or if you are working on another sewing project, this will be simple and quick!
2) Just feed your leaves through
3) Make sure you adjust the length you want between them if you want it to be exact. I didn't and I think it adds more personality!!

Happy Sewing!!

What fall projects are you working on?


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